Monday, March 13, 2006

Magic 8 Ball, Magic 8 Ball, Will I or Won't I pass

this class? That's sort of what I feel like at the moment. However, Chef must be feeling the heat of our performance as well, because we went over what's going to be on tomorrow's final, with her reading over the test and then giving us hints and tidbits to study. I did mention in class (after someone else had brought up the format of this class) that I really thought it should be taught as a standalone and not wrapped up into the trio of classes. We had to cover 10 chapters in 9 class sessions, along with a 3-part project that involved some things we won't study for another quarter, and all those damn formulas to determine As Purchased Costs/Quantities, trim losses, yield percentages, etc. The mind, it whirls and whirls.

Only one more day to go in the quarter. We have our final tomorrow and then have to deep-clean the class kitchen. That sounds like a barrel of monkeys, doesn't it? The final is at 7:10 am, and Chef says our goal is to get the kitchen done by noon. Seems to me that the goal is to take your time with the test and then the fewer pots you'll have to scrub. And, if you have more than one final, you may never even make it to the clean up crew. Hmm...

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