Sunday, May 21, 2006

Everything on a stick!

Took the In-Laws to the Georgia Renaissance Festival today. We've tried to go every year that we've been in the Peach State, and we've got our favorite acts that we look forward to each year. And, it's always fun to see the way people torture themselves in medievalistic garb (i.e. VELVET!) in the hot Georgia sun.

Plus, we all know that the proper definition of Ren Faire is "everything you could possibly want to eat on a stick!" (I didn't really believe this until a couple of years ago when we saw (get ready!) Deep-Fried Macaroni & Cheese on a stick. I kid you not. Little nuggets of mac and cheese that had a crumb coating of sorts and deep-fried on a stick topped with a giant olive. They were pretty darn tasty...what, you think we wouldn't at least give them a whirl?

We really like Zucchini Brothers Danger Theatre, which is a comedy juggling act involving fire, a can of Spam, and a garden weasel. Doesn't this look like fun?

I also like the comedy stylings of Hack & Slash, and I think Hack is pretty darn cute.

The Washing Well Wenches have the best job...I think I might apply. Think about it. Traveling the country, not worrying about having a bad hair day, chasing cute guys, and hanging out at Ren Faires. Much more fun that culinary arts, and I'll bet my plantar fasciitis goes away. Plus, who wouldn't want to look like this? I'd save a ton of money on uniforms--no more ironing, spray starch, etc.

This lovely couple were kind enough to pose for me and not run me through with their swords. I think their costumes were my favorites, and I'm thinking about Halloween now...the Man would look very handsome with spikes.

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Erin said...

I think the black beer mug really kills their 'evil' vibe. :P