Friday, May 05, 2006

The Giveth and Taketh in One Fell Swoop or Should That be Poop?

The Good News for Today: I got my first actual honest-to-Betsy paycheck since August. Whoo hoo!! Much rejoicing in the streets and at Borders--they miss my weekly book purchases. I'll bet they've had profit drop since I've been on my book buying hiatus.

***Another disclaimer for the upcoming icky part of the blog. If you don't like dogs, bodily functions, etc., stop now.***

Still with me?

The Bad News: Nothing quite says "be prepared to kiss that shiny new paycheck goodbye" than when you get home and realize that one of the dogs has had explosive diarrhea and vomiting in his crate...nothing, I tell you.

The New Hotness did appear pretty miserable when I carried him in his crate outside to free his icky self. I hosed him off and scooped him up to take him in the house and give him an actual bath. The Rickety Fat Dog is prone to have an irritable colitis condition, so we have pills that will clear the poopy sort of thing up quickly. I was washing Hotness, thinking about grabbing the pills when I got done, when he starts hurling in the bathtub. Dogs projectile hurl just like children...who knew? I make a quick call to see if the vet is still there--got 20 minutes before closing--and grab the dog and towel and rush out the door...chanting "I love you, but please, please don't throw up in the car!"

We get to the vet, and he recommends keeping Hotness overnight with drugs to stop the vomiting and pooping. So, I leave him there, looking all forlorn and shivering. Breaks the heart, it does. Breaks the wallet too, but what else are you going to do? It's my responsibility to make sure he's okay, no matter what.

I get home and the remaining two hellions are hopping up and down as normal. About 20 minutes after I return, the Rickety Fat Dog starts acting strange...going to the basement stairs and looking down and then coming to look at me, and going to look out the sliding glass door. It's obvious that he wants to know where the hell is the New Hotness because it's time for our afternoon zoom through the house. He's really got a reproachful look on his face. The Goldfish is oblivious...he's probably thinking that he shouldn't get his hopes up about the return to a two-dog household just yet.

Today, one of my SS cohorts took a delivery order over for a customer. This customer came to us because her husband was bugging her about when he was going to get a home cooked meal again. I have no idea what he does, but the customer is a successful doctor with her own practice, a mother of a small child, and pregnant with another one...and he wants to know when *he's* going to get a hot meal. Yeah, my jaw is bruised from hitting the floor, too. I'm thinking she should tell him to get his own damn meals or how about this--cook for her! What a concept, this "marriage is a partnership" thing is!

On other fronts, my new tablemate in Principles class is dropping out of school. : ( She's one of my favorite people in class, and we've been hanging out together some outside of class. She's got a lot going on in her life right now, and school is just not one of the things she needs to be doing. We've pledged to keep in touch, and I know our class is going to be a little off kilter for awhile because she's gone. It's amazing how close some of us have grown in the short time we've known each other--that whole "family" concept doesn't seem so far-fetched now.


Erin said...

Mmm, puke and poop in poodle hair. Makes me grimace just to think of it! Hope you won't have to spend your whole weekend cleaning it up.

Belinda said...

Poor doggie! What in the world could have made him so sick; did you ever find out? Or is the vet falling back on that old chestnut, "Garbage Gut?"

Mary said...

I'm so sorry about your loss of green. Hope the doggy is okay.

Kim said...

I have been checking out your blog. I hope your puppy feels better, I can say from experience that is not fun. I guess I followed Belinda and Erin over here:o)