Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Last Dance...Last Chance for Lunch

Today was the last day of restaurant service for our class...thank heavens. I'm not sure I could have stood much more fun. : ) I honestly think we did pretty well for a group of people who had essentially never waited tables before, and we actually performed together as a team for the most part. If we failed to do something, it was never malicious; it was more that we were caught up in the newness of our tasks and trying to remember what exactly we were supposed to be doing this week, since our jobs rotated from week to week. (It didn't help that sometimes the rules of the game changed in mid-stream, day-to-day, or week-to-week, depending on the whims of the instructor and chefs. We all compared notes about a few things, and surely not all of us heard them wrong when they told us how to do something...and then said "why the hell are you doing it that way? Did we tell you to do it that way?" And you know what the answer to that rhetorical question is, don't you?)

Tomorrow is Day 3 of the practical. I made a bearnaise sauce tonight for dinner (still trying to work that psychic trick), and I think I add too much lemon juice or didn't cook the eggs enough...who knows? I have no clue if I did it right or not, but it didn't break, which is half the battle. I'm really hoping that I don't have to do knife cuts tomorrow...I really need the weekend to practice mutilating carrots and potatoes.

Cross your wooden spoons that I survive tomorrow.

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