Friday, June 30, 2006

All Hail (Chicken) Caesar!

All that yapping about anchovies on Wednesday inspired me to come home last night and make my own version of Grilled Chicken Caesar salad, with REAL Caesar dressing, i.e., one that has anchovies. I still couldn't bring myself to eat one of the little buggers straight up, but I made a loverly dressing with them. I called The Man, who got home before I did (damned ATL traffic!) and had him set out a couple of eggs...actually, I asked him to separate the eggs...which he insisted on doing with the "'Snot a Mug."

Have you seen the 'Snot a Mug? Check out this site and click on the "egg separators" tab for more pictures and descriptions. Essentially, this is a little stoneware mug that you empty an egg into and the white drips out the nose, leaving the yolk behind. Whee! I got this one compliments of Linna, who gave me and another friend one for Christmas a couple of years ago. We opened them up, took one look at them, and immediately ran off into the kitchen to start cracking eggs. We thought they were grrrreat fun!

Back to the eggs (and the point of this post)...When I made my first Caesar salad at home...about 3-4 weeks ago...I noticed that the egg yolk/garlic/anchovy paste mixture did not get very creamy when I was whisking it together. I did ask one of the chef's about it, and she said that I need to get my yolk up to room temp. She pointed out that the safety course we took would say otherwise, but in the real world, the egg yolks needed to warm up a bit to. Which was why I had The Man get them out before I got home. It did seem to make a difference.

So, I grilled up a couple of boneless chicken breasts with a little spice rub, and made the dressing and salad while the chicken grilled. After the chicken was done, I put the salad on the plate, sliced the chicken and laid it over the salad. It was damned tasty, if I do say so myself. Simple and good. Like most of the best things in life (ooh, philosphical, I am!).

I have the day off tomorrow, so I am going to sleep late, late, late!! And then, I will get up, strap on my armor, and continue the battle to shovel out the hovel. (A poet as well as a philosopher! Now I'm sure I had too much sugar and too many olives today.)

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Kim said...

I need to get one of those "snot a Mug". That is too funny, but looks like a neat tool.