Sunday, June 04, 2006

The End of Western Civilization

I saw it last night...the last sign of the Apocalypse. Forget The Omen. Forget obnoxious televangelists. Cable TV has something much better for giving you those end of days nightmares.. I had gone to bed early, because the feet were killing me, and sort of woke up when The Man came to bed and started flipping channels. We came across this show on Fuse called Pants Off Dance Off. Here's the premise, according to Fuse: "Fuse fans can escape reality and the local news by ogling the first dance and strip game show on TV. This show features all walks of life--young and old, men and women, fat and thin-- shedding their clothes down to their skivvies while dancing to popular music videos for the chance to win bragging rights and some hard earned cash."

It was like a train wreck you couldn't pull your eyes away from...well, The Man managed to, but he can sleep through anything. Lucky him.

Tomorrow is the last day of class...I'm feeling a bit more calm about impending doom than I have been...probably because I know what I'm going to be doing. Process of elimination does a lot for one's peace of mind, doesn't it? Tomorrow's menu is Grilling and Sauteing. I'll be grilling a steak, sauteing a chicken breast supreme, making rice pilaf (finally!!), and puree of lentil soup. The soup is the only thing I'm really worried about...everyone's lentil soup has looked pretty bad so far, ranging in consistency from sludge to dirty dish water, so if I can hit it somewhere in the middle, I should be fine.

Tuesday is finals day and scullery maid duty. The whole culinary program takes all of our finals starting at 7:10 am. As soon as we finish one, we take the next one (if we have more than one class), and then it's off to the kitchen for a massive deep clean. Joy. I'm so looking forward to that part...actually, if I think about it, I really am looking forward to it. I'll be able to do something in that kitchen that I can screw up...or can I?

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