Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Today is the last day of summer break...I'm getting geared up for new adventures in the Banquet and Pantry/Hors D'Oeuvres/Canapes classes. This should be rather entertaining, since both classes are purported to be full to the brim. Maybe, just maybe, we'll actually get out of class on time this quarter!

Not sure exactly what we are doing in Pantry the first day (tomorrow)...My guess is going to be whipping up some sort of sauce on the fly. I heard that we cook a lot of eggs and make a lot of mayonnaise...which is going to be hard to practice at home, since The Man has a deep and abiding hate for all things mayo. Deep and abiding.

We did get the skinny on what to expect for the first Banquet class, which is on Thursday afternoon. The kid gloves are definitely off, because we heard that Day 1, we walk in and have to 1) fabricate a chicken and cook it according to a randomly selected method; 2) make a vegetable timbale; and 3) make rice pilaf...which I can seriously do blindfolded and one hand tied behind my back. If nothing else, I'll at least get that part correct.

Also, we've got a humdinger of a project coming up for Banquet, too. We have to plan the execution of a banquet for several hundred people, to include the menu, the recipes scaled up appropriately, the design and layout of the banquet hall, the requisition, the staffing, etc. And, I think we're also the class who will be providing the food during the Dining Room class' service period, which is going to add a whole 'nother level of fun!

Chef Regional will become Chef Pantry (oops, almost wrote "Chef Panty," which might be kinda interesting unto itself!) and Introductory Chef is now Chef Banquet, in case you are trying to keep the players straight. I've heard through the grapevine that Dimmer Switch did not do well in Regional and is extremely upset by this and plans to talk with Head Chef about it. That should be an interesting conversation, since she's one of those people who tends not to hear anything she doesn't want to hear.

More tomorrow after the first Pantry class. I'm off to iron uniforms and collect the knife kit, and find my damn hat!

Giddy up!

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Erin said...

I agree with your husband - mayo is the most disgusting sauce ever invented. Blegh! I won't eat anything that involves even so much as a teaspoon of it. It makes me vomitous.

I want to see your hat. Is it one of those tall chef's hats, or is it a smaller chef-in-training hat? Do you get to pick a color, or is it white? Post a picture!