Thursday, January 04, 2007

Day 1...and 2...and 3!!!

So, dawning of a new era and all that jazz.

Actually, as far as first days at a new job go, these have been very nice. The people are friendly, there's food, and I think I'm really going to like it there. Traffic sucks, but I guess I've been pretty lucky for the last 6 years in that I've never had to deal with a real morning commute.

We've been going through one of the most intensive orientations that I've ever seen or heard about...4 full days of how the company works, with overviews of all the departments and products, and even a little luncheon with the company founders. Nice, very nice....much better than learning everything via the oral tradition method, which has been my experience in previous positions.

Nothing really exciting to report...there's a great little Italian-style deli across the street from the office, so that's definitely a plus. The people in the office are very friendly and very food-oriented...even worse than culinary students. I walked through the break room to get water and coffee today no less than 3 times, and each time I went in, there was and different food from the time before. This is definitely going to be a challenge. Starbucks is the coffee of choice in the breakroom, and they provide giant drink coolers stocked with a variety of soft drinks and juices for free...a holdover from the glory days of the dotcoms. Shall make a resolution now to ALWAYS take the stairs! Must be able to continue to fit into new work clothes...some of which were a couple of sizes smaller than the last work clothes I had to buy.

The neighborhood surrounding the office is an odd've got the dichotomy of your basic strip bar about a block away from a large office complex, and then, in the opposite direction, there's a gay strip bar, along with an extremely upscale housing and shopping complex within another mile and a half...something for everyone, I guess. You gotta love that livin' and workin' inside the Perimeter thing.

I talked with the Chiclet today about the garde manger class, and she said it just wasn't the same without me...and she thinks Chef Garde Manger (whose previous incarnations were Regional and Pantry) might miss me, too, because no one would answer questions in class, and there's about 16 of them in the class. I am missing her, Mother Hen, and a few other folks a whole lot, because we had grown very close over the last 12 months. She mentioned how hard it was going to be, getting used to a new partner, since she and I had really worked out our rhythm, and we could pretty much complete each other's tasks. Sigh. This is going to be harder than I thought.

Hang with me on the sporadic posting and the reconfiguring of my blogging direction...I'm still going to talk about food, and hopefully work in some traveling adventures in the coming months. I'm sure security lines and quart-size bags are going to be the shizz!

One week down, and 51 more to go!

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