Monday, February 05, 2007

C to the O to the L to the D...COLD!

Damn! I'm officially colder than I've been in a loooooong time. Me and my fellow work newbies are on an observational site visit somewhere in really freakin' cold Illinois...somewhere near Peoria.

Last week I asked the question along the lines of why the hell did I want to travel again, and I think I'll ask it again! Nothing quite like being in the only hotel in town for miles and miles and miles, in 10 degree weather, the chance of snow extremely likely, and the heater in my room doesn't seem to be working. I've had it on for about an hour now, and I think it might be 52 in here...might.

This is so not boding well for the rest of the week. The hotel is kinda scary in that sort of post-modern Bates kind of way. There's a little restaurant inside that has a big open window that looks out at the check-in desk. When we checked in, there was a group of old men sitting in there having coffee and just staring at us like we were aliens from another planet. You could sort of hear the banjos, or whatever passes for banjos in the wilds of Illinois.

The toilet in my room had an actual "Sanitized for Your Protection" strip around it. When was the last time you saw one of those relics? Hee.

On the plane, which was one of those 40+ seat jobbers, there was some guy who snored like a freight train. One of those snorers who sucks all the air out of the room kind of snorers. It was pretty funny, and is the A-#1 reason why I don't sleep on planes at any time. I'm afraid that might be me!

The Goldfish, aka Mr. Expensive, seems to be doing fine. He's back to jumping up and off of things with his usual devil-may-care attitude, no matter how hard we try to prevent him from doing such. He's been taking Rimadyl, which seems to be the wonder drug, and I'm seriously thinking about trying it myself. Who cares that it's a beef-flavored chewable tablet? If it has me hopping and bopping around like a poodle half my age, then I'm all for it!

More later in the week on my frozen adventures...

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Linna said...

Where "near Peoria"? Peoria has a fabulous public library. We did a field trip there when I was in library school at ISU. But it can be double-D cold in the winter time. There are copious reasons I moved to Alabama. (Do you still have the raspberry parka or did it go bye-bye?)(Love the monkey picture!)

Joseph lovingly collects the "Sanitized" labels and puts them on the toilet at our house when we have over-night guests. You have to be a certain age to really appreciate those. We even found them in Europe, so he has an international collection. (I'll bet you can buy them on Ebay! Everything is collected by somebody.)

Enjoy the Bates Motel...