Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Drrrraggging along

Geez, this whole going back to work thing is really cutting into my blogging time! If I could blog while I'm poking along in traffic, life would be great, because heaven knows I have enough time to blog, crochet a tent, and possibly groom a poodle during that time...well, maybe not groom a poodle, because it would be hard to make them work once we got to work...they don't have very good keyboard skillz.

Survived the week last week. Hotel accommodations were a vast improvement--love you, Hampton Inn! Only had to eat hospital cafeteria food twice, since I missed the first day of training (sometimes, flight delays are not ALL bad)...and managed not to kill any of my co-workers, and they very graciously refrained from doing the same to me. You know, you learn a lot about people when you spend an entire week in a minivan and a small tiny training room with them and 7-8 customers. A whole lot, and we'll just leave it at that for now...although, if I hear anyone say "whoo hoo!" ever again, it will be too soon. Too 12th of Never soon.

This week begins our initial "sharing" process. Part of the training process is that new people teach/"share" the software to/with an in-house group. Some of the people observing are new to the company, some are old hands, from different departments, etc. They all try to ask questions that would help you react as though it were a real life training situation with customers...and they have to try and do this with a straight face. Our software implementation has 3 distinct phases--a parameter setting phase, which populates customer-specific information in their new software; a business office staff training; and a clinical staff training--see why we are doing 3 visits?

Each one of us "newbies" will do 3 shares, 1 for each phase of training. The Brunette took a bullet for the tripod and went first, and she started this afternoon. A typical on-site version of this training takes 3-3.5 days; since we're in-house and not actually having people build their software like the customers, we can cut it down to 2 days or so, sometimes longer for the other trainings. Again, I can't stress enough how this company really does invest in their train the trainer training, and everyone is very quick to let the newbies know if you need help, just ask. No question is too big or too small. Lucky me, I have another week to go before I do my share. Which means I should practice, doesn't it?

Today was also WW weigh in day. Let's just say that I did not make the best choices I could have last week/weekend, and I paid for it today by being up 2 pounds. Dammit. And, it's not like most of the other food we ate last week was that fabulous...except the night we went for 1/2 price margaritas and drank 3 pitchers. Then, everything was fabulous!

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Linna said...

Glad you are back! I was beginning to wonder if you had been swallowed by Illinois. I really like how your new company does business. I think the result will be better, more dedicated training people -- including you!

Sorry the margaritas did you in. That's the problem with alcohol -- it lowers your inhibitions, including the inhibition to stay in your points. Drink some extra water and I'll bet those pounds will float away.