Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Road Foodin' It

You know it's going to be an interesting lunch when the project lead says, "I know a place...it used to be a gas station...but, now it's a meat market and they have good meat." When asked what they serve, he replies, "They have this thing called a 'Trashcan,' which is a big ol' styrofoam cup with beans in the bottom, some brisket, some sausage, then add some onions and pickles and cover it all in barbecue sauce." And, if you decide to get the "Trashcan" as a plate, they'll layer in some Fritos to jack it to the next level.

Yes, folks, I 'm deeeeep in the heart of Texas! And, I went to the gas station cum meat market for lunch. No, I did not get the Trashcan, but the combo plate--no Fritos. The homemade sausage was truly awesome.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, for sure.

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J said...

Wish we were road trippin it again! I still dream about the Cuban food in California. Hey, you've inspired me so I'm bloggin about the move. www.JintheUK.blogspot.com