Thursday, September 04, 2008

Poodlevania Returns!

The poodles and I have relocated to the Rocket City.  We've got a new house and are starting a new life together.  The Man and I are no more.  It wasn't very pretty at times, it was very sad at times, it certainly wasn't my choice, and it was extremely frustrating not have gotten a say-so in my future.  However, from here on out, I've got the Wii Controller of Destiny firmly tucked in my very own hand, to do with it as I will.

The new house is great...but the best part is the new kitchen!  A kitchen that is NOT the size of a postage stamp.  A kitchen with new counter tops, new cabinets, and new appliances...yes, they are new to me, but they are also only a year or so old, too.  This is heady stuff, I tell you!  The one downside is the lack of a gas range.  I'm not sure if gas is in the neighborhood or not, or if I can even have it at all, so I'll have to investigate saving my pennies for that little venture.  

Right now, the new house is the usual post-move sea of boxes that everyone has, and I occasionally lose the cell phone or a poodle for a little while.  (Until I got an actual house phone, the "misplaced" cell thing was pretty frustrating and scary, since I couldn't call myself to find myself...that was somewhat existential, wasn't it?)

The poodles seemed to be adjusting...the whole situation was rough and confusing for them as well.  The first night we were here, there was no furniture, because the truck didn't show up until the following day.  All I had was a lamp and a queen-size air mattress.  Nothing says "great night's rest" like spending the night on an air mattress with 3 poodles, I tell you.  

The Goldfish is having the worst time of all the poodles.  He's been having some vision issues (cataracts), as well as some cognitive decline...think kind of like the early stages of Alzheimer', he's the one that gets lost the most.  I'm looking for a new vet for the boys, and will take him in for a check-up as soon as I find one.

It is amazing at how fast the Rocket City has grown.  The area where I bought the house used to be considered "waaaaay out in the boonies," but suburban progress is marching steadily my way.  Which is nice, in a way, because I have a brand-new Publix about 8 minutes from my house.  That's a definite plus to the area.

So, I'm going to be pretty busy for the next couple of weeks trying to get things unpacked and placed, so the posting may be a bit infrequent.  I found the pots and pans yesterday evening, so I think I might actually try and cook something for dinner...maybe grill some chicken and make the Campanelle with Tomatoes and Feta know, something that I like to eat and eat for days, since I'll have some leftovers.  Cooking for one is a pain sometimes, but at least I can eat all the asparagus I want now.

If nothing else, I'm also going to try and cook at least one recipe from the gazillion cookbooks that I lugged across state lines.  Besides the cookbooks in the cookbook book shelf unit, I found cookbooks in my nightstand slush pile, in the basement, in the bathroom reading basket--practically every room in the house.  I culled some, but I really need ALL those cookbooks?  Probably not.  Hence, the Great Cook at Least 1 Recipe from ALL Your Cookbooks Project shall be soon as I can find all the damn cookbooks.

So, when The Project gets going, feel free to come on by for a taste and stay awhile, if you like.  You could also unpack a box or two... : )


Erin said...

Well, I'm sorry to hear of your troubles, but glad that you are doing well, and thrilled that you're blogging again. Welcome back!

J said...

Glad to have you back! I'm right there with ya on your next adventure. :)

KB5 said...

Glad to be able to keep track of you via your blog. We miss you and can't wait to have you come for a visit.