Sunday, July 26, 2009

Noshing in Natchez

I know, I thought I forgot about the blog. But, I really haven't; it's just that I don't think I've been doing much to warrant a good post, but I guess I'd better account for myself.

This past week, I was in Natchez, Mississippi, home of beautiful antebellum mansions, the Mississippi Delta, and humidity. I also ate some nice barbecue at the Pig Out Inn. When we opened the door, the most delicious hickory smoke smell wafted out, and I crossed my little piggy lovin' fingers and toes that I wouldn't be disappointed.

The pulled pork was tender, the sauce was on the side, and they had a dilled potato salad that went nicely with the beans and pork. And, we smelled like hickory smoke and barbecue for the rest of the afternoon, which is some of the best perfume on Earth.

I really, really, really wanted to eat at Mammy's Cupboard, which is a restaurant that is in the shape of a woman...yes, it's pretty politically incorrect, because you can tell it was built in a more closed-minded era, but when you read the Road Food review of the place,
you can see why your stomach might get the best of your belief system. I was all set to try some blueberry lemonade and whatever else might be on the menu for the day. Alas, the fine folks at Mammy's were on vacation last week, so I was thwarted in my quest. But, I did get a picture! (Yes, she's wearing a turban and big hoop earrings.)

So, instead of lunch at Mammy's, we went to The Castle at Dunleith and had some fine fried chicken. Dunlieth is an old plantation that is now a B&B. The house and grounds are gorgeous, and The Castle is located in the old carriage house.

Natchez is on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, and right across the river is Concordia, LA...which has "drive-thru" bars. Yeah, I know. Louisiana is an interesting state, for sure. And, what makes is legal and not a violation of open container laws is if you have a straw in the cup or not. No straw = not drinking and driving. Odd, very odd.

Natchez is about 2 hours south of Jackson, the capitol of Mississippi, and home of the Sweet Potato Queens. I've always had a fondness for sequins and majorette boots, so my fondest wish is to some day attend the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Jackson and see the SPQ in all their big hair glory. Since it was a little late in the year for that, I did the next best thing and had a bite to eat at the "official" parade headquarters, Hal and Mal's.

Hal & Mal's is really more of a bar than a restaurant, so don't expect 5-star cuisine. I had a great pimento cheese sandwich with bacon and jalapenos, and some half-decent gumbo. I love pimento cheese, and it has to be a savory pimento cheese--none of that sickly sweet pre-packaged stuff. No Sweet Potato Queens were in evidence, but it did look like a fun place to hang out.

I'm home for a little while, and then I'll be out and about in Chi-town, so I'll sacrifice myself and make sure I eat something and at some place interesting!

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LinC said...

Love the look of Mammy's Cupboard. So sorry you didn't get to eat there. Those old roadside attractions are such fun.