Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday at the Lazy Poodle Ranch--You can be my Cowboy

I live in a small town just north of Atlanta,'s been growing over the last few years, because everyone has exhausted all suburban possibilities to the south and east of Atlanta, since most people have a hard time affording a real house inside the perimeter in a good neighborhood, and still be able to drive in just under a 2-hour commute. We have a Target, but we have no Starbucks, although I hear that's coming when the existing Target expands next year, and we all know that the advent of a Starbucks means Western Civilization has arrived--put up those banjos, boys, 'cause you haven't lived until you've paid $4 for a cup o' joe! While we don't have a mall or a good Thai restaurant, we do have an art museum...a very high-end art museum that is totally devoted to Western art. The Booth Museum of Western Art is one of the few of its type in the U.S., and probably the only one east of the Mississippi River.

This weekend, the Booth hosted their 3rd Annual Cowboy Symposium (3rd Annual--this made me wonder what the hell could you think to say about cowboys for 3 days, much less do it as an annual event), which gives the locals a chance to pull on their boots and 10-gallon hats and wander around slightly bowlegged. This Sunday morning, the Man and I decided to check out the local scene and see what exactly is inside that big ass building. (We will do absolutely ANYTHING to keep from cleaning house.)

I had no idea that people were so serious about the Great American West as an art form. Sure, there were lots of Remington-style bronzes and innumerable paintings of cows, horses, and Indians; however, it was really amazing to see the many different interpretations of land, sky, animals, people, and the whole Cowboy Way. There were also some living history encampments of cowboys, calvary, and Native Americans, along with a gunfight demonstration and a fashion show.

Not that I have any desire my ownself to recreate that time period--the lack of running water and flush toilets sucks the old pioneer spirit right out of me...and men who ride horses all day and bathe once a month really don't do a thing for me, either. Maybe if I haven't bathed in a month myself, things would be different, but you get the picture.

The museum was cool and all the volunteers were nice friendly folks, so I think I might offer my services as a volunteer/slave labor as well. What the hell, I don't have a job, so I may as well do something useful with my time. Giddyup!

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