Monday, November 07, 2005

Money is so not a gas...

Sort of a dull weekend here. Went to movies on Saturday, got into big fight about money after movie...which makes The Man decide on Sunday to ask if we need counseling. Ha! We don't need counseling, unless someone needs to counsel you that I am not 10 years old, and you do not have constantly harp on me that we are working with half our regular income. Sheesh!! I can understand why fighting about money ranks in the top 3 of marital woes on Family Feud, thank you Richard Dawson.

After the movies, I mentioned going to Borders (bookstore), because we needed to get a card and some little doodad for a retirement reception we had to attend on Sunday. The Man makes some snarky comments about not being able to spend money, etc., and I just sort of lost it. To be honest, I may be PMSing a tad bit, but still, I'm just highly irritated with him constantly pointing out our lessened fund situation. Dude, it's not like I'm not keenly and acutely aware of that, since I was the one that LOST. MY. JOB! And, that every time you mention it makes me feel like a total FAILURE, and like I have no real say-so in this partnership?

Nobody really talks about that part...that losing your job is akin to losing a family member, especially if you were laid off and had no clue it was going to happen. It really is a grieving process, for which I had no frame of reference for since I had never been laid off or fired. No performance issues that you were counseled about, good ratings from customers on satisfaction surveys, great relationships with co-workers and management (or so you thought). Where the hell was the clue by four that I was going to be laid off? And, if one more frackin' person tells me "it's not personal," you're probably going to see me on the 11:00 news being dragged off in the back of a police cruiser.

How can it not be personal? Yeah, yeah, I know the decision was probably made by some Bobs, who have no clue who I am, etc., just that they were tasked to cut X from X departments, et cetera. But, it IS freakin' personal, because it happened to meeeeeee!!

And don't tell me to enjoy my time off, either!! I could enjoy it a hell of a lot more if I knew something was coming down the pike soon, but so far, I've not seen any real sign that will happen...and unemployment only lasts about 6 months. I'm really trying to enjoy, I am, I am...but don't tell me to relax about it in one breath and then in another tell me we have to "watch our money." Aiieeeee!!

We will now return you to our regularly scheduled program of blather...

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