Friday, November 11, 2005

Roly Poly Clown Heads

Eat 'em up, yum!

I decided to take The Man up on his suggestion that I go to stores without him...even if I am not buy anything. He has this propensity to lurk over me like a vulture waiting for something in the desert to gasp its last breath when we are shopping together...or make that I am shopping/looking, and he is shlepping along because we are in the same car and there's no Media Play or some place else he can go. And, he does this herding thing, which will drive you up the wall once you figure out that's what he's doing. The first few times it happened, I wasn't sure why I was feeling uncomfortable and hurried to leave. Then I figured it out...he starts invading my personal space and herding me in the direction of the door. It's very subtle, I'll give him that, since it took me awhile to figure it out. Have to admit he's the clever one, since most guys would just bitch and moan about being there and get you all pissed off at them. This way is more peaceful...ah yes, the fine art of marital psychological warfare.

Anyway, I had to go over hell and half of Georgia to find these stupid plastic clown heads for class next week. It seems like every craft store in town in teaching the Wilton Course 1 and nobody decided to restock the clown heads. I finally found them and am now set to torture more helpless cakes and frosting on Tuesday. Be brave, my little clowns, be brave!

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