Saturday, January 07, 2006

And, it shall be called Avoidance of Work Day

And it shall be holy. Big plans to get up early and clean house and finally take down trees and such. I don't want to take down the big tree, because I like how it, the idea of wrapping all those damn ornaments in tissue paper tires me out. But, if I left it up all year, some damn black dog would run into it and knock it over or something off, and then I'd have to make good on my threat to spit roast one of them. Wonder what sauce one would serve with a spit-roasted poodle--Bearnaise? Hollandaise? or just a little Montreal Steak Seasoning?

Grand total of things accomplished today: 4...maybe 5. Took down small tinsel tree; took down poodle tree (you knew I had one, so don't bother rolling your eyes!); cleared stuff off dining room table in preparation for writing paper. Abandonded paper in favor of food and a movie. So far, this round of college is shaping up like the last one. Why the hell should I do something in advance when I can wait until the last minute tomorrow to stay up late and beat my head on the table?

Look: here's a poodle ready for spit roasting...isn't he adorable? Not really...he's really evil but hides it well. Black is slimming and redeeming.

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