Sunday, January 08, 2006

For once in my life, I get done early

So, I keep waking up in the wee hours this morning after having dreams about appearing in class without having my paper completed. I actually woke up and laid there in the darkness, wondering if it was Monday and I had completely slept through Sunday and my paper really was overdue and no where near completion.

After the second such dream, I hop out of bed and start banging on the old keyboard in a high fury so I can make sure that I can sleep the whole night through. After about 4.5 hours, I am finally finished with the crap paper...and citing URLs has got to be the most irritating thing on the planet. I go to print the crap paper (it truly is crap, but everything is spelled correctly), and realize the damn printer needs a yellow ink cartridge...won't print without it. I always thought yellow and blue made green and not black, but evidently not...even though the damn black cartridge is separate, so the yellow one should have no bearing on B&W printing. Go figure...stupid Epson good excuse to go to mall and buy new bras as well, since the washer ate one of my beige ones. That hot pink/fuschia one is going to look aces under my chef coat! We won't even go into the whole angsty thing about buying bras, especially "full-figured" bras. It's just not worth it.

Anyway, we go to mall, get bras; go to Staples, get ink cartridge and head home. I print the paper and begin the absolutely fruitless search for a stapler. I know I have one...hell, I have several, compliments of asshole company that laid me off...and they're all probably hiding in the rafters laughing at me right now. Damn stapler bats!

Soooo, I look at the syllabus checklist to make sure I have everything ready for tomorrow (still need to read chapters 5&6), and realize that the damn thing is not due until Wednesday. Not. Due. Until. Wednesday. I had 2 more days to procrastinate. Two. More. Days! Dammit!!!

I've probably set some bad karmic wheels in motion with this little stunt...completing a paper early is so not my style. Now, I have time to review it...time to find out how bad it really is...and then rip my hair out trying to re-write it on Tuesday night. Crap.

And, when I find the stapler, I'm going to teach it a lesson.

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