Friday, January 13, 2006

Clean up pig

I hate cleaning house...hate it, hate it. Will procrastinate for a trip to Target is what my little cardboard sign says. Anyway, I must finish putting all the holiday crap away TODAY. And do the mountain of laundry in our's piled up so high in the basket that we've got an unspoken bet on whether or not it will reach the top of the door jamb before it falls over. Sad, sad, sad people we are...or is it more like slob, slob, SLOB people we are?

But, we did go the farmer's market yesterday, so I have exotic things in my fridge to nibble on like proscuitto, oil-cured olives, and frozen banana leaves. Well, the banana leaves are not for eating but are part of some dish called Kalua Pig, which sounds most yummy. But, that is not tonight's dinner. Tonight's dinner is a pork roast with ribs. Should be fun and tasty, yes? Hungry now?

Go to this fun site I found: The Other White Meat. A whole website devoted to pork--what's not to love?!

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