Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Trainwreck in progress

I, and most of my classmates, are sort of boggled by the antics of Merlot. She seems to be suffering from...how did one person put it? Oh, yeah, an "attitude problem." During class yesterday, she goes off on a tear as to why the intro to computers course is needed, while loudly proclaiming herself to be "computer illiterate." Chef G patiently points out to her that computer skills are needed to work a Point of Sales system (which is acronymed POS, which I keep thinking means "piece of shit"!), do online research, etc. Then Merlot goes into this tirade about taking some 100-level computer skills course last quarter and having a "temper tantrum" in class every day. She actually used the phrase "temper tantrum" in describing what went on during the class...WTH? I'm just so stunned by her blather that I can't even look at her...what fool tells her instructor that she throws a hissy fit IN CLASS? And seems sort of proud of doing it? Idjit Girl, that's who!

Chef reiterates again at the end of class that we should always make sure that we keep up with handouts, notes, etc., for the class. I think she says this for Merlot's benefit, since she has a tendency to leave class early. She also assigns Merlot a little task to do some research about a topic she (Merlot) brought up in class.

Today, Merlot shows up with an article in hand about the research topic. Finally. We all think she might be settling into class and realizing these people mean business, ten hut!

Then, she leaves at the first break...after which Chef G tells us about tomorrow's quiz, which is going to be considered our mid-term and will have questions from the 3 previous reading assignments plus tonight's. Tee hee...rude awakening for her tomorrow.

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