Sunday, February 19, 2006

Tired, so tired

This week was a bitch slapper for sure. I think I've managed to sleep most of the weekend away, trying to recuperate from this past week. Here's a quick recap:

Wednesday, we had a great demonstration by a visiting chef. And the best thing? We actually got to eat some food rather than talk about it for three and a half hours a day. We had an amazing version of eggplant parmagiana that involved putting fresh mozzarella between thin slices of eggplant, then breading and frying. Tasty!

The bad: Having to stand for about 3 hours straight to watch the demo. My knees are still screaming. Guess I'm going to have really work on that weightloss plan if I'm going to do this as a career.

Thursday, I had a little catering gig for a lunch. It was fairly low-key, but I stressed about it on Wednesday night and didn't get a good night's sleep. Everyone thought the food was great, and The Man was extremely helpful with the fetching and toting and the cleaning up! Snaps to him! Knees still hurting.

Friday, I did mountains of laundry and watched bad television (Miss Congeniality 2--Sandra, Sandra, what the hell were you thinking?!). Yesterday, we went to a cool restaurant supply store, and I lusted over some large pots and pans. We also went to IKEA and picked up some gadgetry and other Swedish odds and ends. I love IKEA as does everyone else in the great Atlanta metro area, all of whom were there on Saturday. People! We all want to go to the coolest store evah, so let's work on our parking lot etiquette before I have to pop out of my car and beat you down! When people have their blinkers on and are obviously waiting for a parking space, don't blow your effing horn at them! Honestly! Living on the deserted island is really starting to sound good...I'm kind of envious of those wacky castaways on Lost.

We also walked about the new Atlantic Station shopping development...yeah, I know... it was 38 degrees, drizzly and windy...we are sooo smart, but evidently not trendy enough...not enough Ugg boots in my wardrobe. And, I thought those were so last year.

But, the best thing about last week was Valentine's Day. I used to have the old love-hate relationship with it that everyone else has had at some point in his or her life, but this ranks up there with the best one yet. We stayed in and I made a fabulous shrimp curry that I served with this spicy mango chutney that I was almost reduced to just eating directly out of the jar because I loved it so. The Man had been tormenting me about my VD gift since it arrived in via FedEx last Friday, so I tortured him a bit by not opening it up on Tuesday morning and insisting that we wait until evening--hah! That'll learn him to torment me...until I opened the box and discovered a new 30G video iPod in black. Yeah, dummy on me for waiting so long!

I did tell him I thought this was a wee bit extravangant and that speakers for my old mini would have been just fine. He said he wanted to get me something that would show me how proud he was of me for sucking up the job loss and going back to school. Made me get a bit misty-eyed, it did. It still amazes me sometimes that I finally maxed out in the man department after dating such a string of goobers over the years. He really is worth keeping. : )

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The Man: Ha! she does love me!