Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The head! It whirls! It spins!

And it's going to fly right off my shoulders! Aieee!

Yesterday (Monday) and all the Mondays until June are going to be hell. Complete and total bat-shit-Whitney Houston crazy. You know what I mean. You've seen pictures of her in recent years that shows her decline into crazed looking bag lady status. I have a feeling that it might be how I'll be looking come June.

The Principles of Cooking (or as we call it, "How you've been doing absolutely everything wrong in the kitchen until this point") is definitely the weeder outer class. You gotta love a course where the instructor hands you the expectations for the final on the first day, informs you that it will be both written and practical, AND that it will take 5 days. Five days. I can't even write anymore about it right now.

Then, after that class was over, we have about 20 minutes to do a costume change out of our Jr. Chef outfits and into our Dining Room Services get up of white Oxford cloth shirts, black pants, bowties, and cranky waiter attitude...okay, I made the last bit up...well, maybe. I was sort of cranky because all I'd had to eat was a couple of protein bars all day. However, I think Dining Room is going to be fun. We're going to do some tableside cooking ("excuse me sir; I did not mean to flame your eyebrows!"), and get to play all the roles in a restaurant--server, host, manager, dish steward, food runner, etc.

Of course we have a quiz in DR today, so I guess I'd better get cranking. More excitement later.

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