Sunday, March 26, 2006

Last Day of Freedom

before the first real Hell Quarter begins. And, what have I done so far today? Drank coffee and watched The Incredibles. Not a bad start.

Anyway, I've got to get the ol' rear in gear and get prepared. This means actually unpacking the incredibly expensive knife kit/roll and marking my name on every single thing in it. We were warned that we should have all our stuff prepared and ready to use on Day 1 of CUL 112. Here's the course description:

CUL 112, Principles of Cooking
Introduces fundamental quantity food preparation terms, concepts, and methods. Course content reflects American Culinary Federation Educational Institute apprenticeship training objectives. Topics include: weights and measures, conversions, food costs, basic cooking principles, recipe utilization, and methods of food preparation. Laboratory demonstrations and student experimentation parallel class work.

I figure this is where I find out I've been doing everything wrong in the kitchen for my entire life. Joy. Wonder if "student experimentation" includes experimentation on my fellow students? The Man says I have to come home with all the fingers I leave with each morning. Isn't that the sweetest?

Then, we have the dining room management class. This oughta be a hoot. I'm betting that the folks who already work in the industry doing front of the house are probably going to have the hardest time with this class...many bad habits to unlearn. I, on the other hand, am a mostly blank slate, since I've never really waited professionally. But, I do tip well.

Here's that course description:

CUL 129, Front of the House Service
Introduces the fundamentals of dining and beverage service. Topics include: dining service/guest service, dining service positions and functions, international dining services, restaurant business laws, preparation and setup, table side service, and merchandising. Laboratory practice parallels class work.

On Mondays, I have exactly 20 minutes to transition from Jr. Chef-in-Training to Dining Room Diva...have I mentioned how much I like to iron? Since everything I wear is going to need it? And, how lovely my hair will look after spending 3.5 hours in a hairnet and under a hat?

I'm going to go and stuff myself with Cheez-its while I can and watch back episodes of Veronica Mars and hope I can get up on time.

Wish me luck!

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