Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Dog & His Fish

The New Hotness has a new best friend...a little stuffed fleecy fish from the $1 bin at Target. I love the $1 bin area there, because I usually can load up on a ton of crap that I don't need, but it satisfies that ol' retail therapy urge without breaking the bank.

Anyway, I grabbed one of these fish and a few other things for me (lobster claw potholders anyone?). I toss out my bounty when I get home, and the New Hotness immediately snatches up the fish and makes off with it. Later, I notice he's carrying it everywhere he goes. He brought it to bed and used it as a pillow, which was too cute. He actually snatched it away from the Rickety Fat Dog and ran off with it to hide it, and he usually shares in the evisceration of stuffed toys...not this time.

I tell The Man a little story about the Perfect Poodle (the one who came before all the recent devil imps) and a little fleecy bunny handpuppet that I got at a fast food place one Easter. The Perfect Poodle (and he really was perfect--he was the most good natured dog ever, and it was hard to believe that someone had just abandoned him at the Humane Society in his later years. We had 2 good years together before he left me, and I was absolutely devastated) took up with this bunny like the New Hotness and his fish. Before too many months had passed, the bunny was looking pretty raggedy and I was going to toss it out. The Perfect Poodle was so despondent that I had to fish it out of the trash and let him have it back. It was absolutely threadbare and really starting to go. As luck would have it, I stumbled on a bin of them at Big Lots one day and snatched up 3 or 4 as backups. I gave Perfect a new one, and he was as happy as a clam. So, I tell The Man, having learned my lesson, we need to head back to Target and snatch up several more of these fish before they are gone, which is precisely what I did last night.

I'm trying to teach The New Hotness to grab it when I say "go fish!," and I'm having some limited success. He's probably just doing it because *he* wants to, rather than obeying my orders. Poodles...

In other news, I got my grades on Friday. I got a B in Principles (aka Everything You've Been Doing Wrong) and an A in Dining Room Mismanagement. I'm pretty pleased about that B, because after my disaster day of sauces, I figured I was headed for a "do over" in that class. Now, I can relax a little more during my time off and have some fun. Tonight, I'm going to a friend's birthday celebration that involves roller derby...yep, roller derby. Should be a blast! Wheels up!

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Erin said...

"Go Fish" - I love it. You're smart to buy more of the favorite $1 toy.