Monday, October 31, 2005

I see scary people, lots of them!

A short list of things that scare me today:

1. Karl Rove. You only have to look at the man to be afraid. He looks like the love child of the Nazi guy with the burned hand in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Mr. Potato Head...and I think he resembles the Nazi guy in more ways than one. He's so icky that you wonder how Mrs. Karl Rove manages to sleep with him every night.

2. Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney is the, really. If he's not, then he's very closely related to that fire-breathing salamander thing in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. His eyes look dead...and the smile never reaches them...scarier than Michael Myers in a hockey mask.

3. The Duggar Family. These people are scaree weird. They have like 47 children...not that I am knocking anyone for having children, but when they have "Children are the heritage of the LORD..." as the tagline on their website, that's when the little hairs on the back of your neck start to stand up (it was the capitalization that got me). The mom has been pregnant practically all her adult life--seriously, they have 14 children and she's only 37. Jim Bob (that's really his name!) and Michelle have been "blessed" with an abundance of children, whose names all start with J...why no other letters of the alphabet are good enough, we will never know. Their website ( showcases their family as it grows and let's you know that Michelle is in dire need of hairstylist. Their links page is highly amusing as well, with the link to being my favorite. It's a shop for modest swimwear that "highlights the face, not the body." I'll leave you to puzzle that one out on your own. Don't forget to read the recipes section as well--how to do you feed 14 kids? Lots of "cream of" soups and tater tot casseroles to be sure!

"Give me some of your tots!!"

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