Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Let 'Em Eat Cake!

Okay, I've lost my fool mind. I signed up for a Wilton Cake Decorating course...not because I want to make weird and gruesome comic book character cakes, but because I'm really trying to be a better baker...or at least a better froster. So last night was the first class. No big deal for the attendees, because the instructor made all the icing and basically rambled on about texture and consistency and passed around bowls of icing in various stages...all I wanted to do was eat the icing, but that would have been bad form.

At the end of class, we all trooped out in the store (Garden Ridge) and got our little Student Kits plus some assorted icing additives, like color and meringue powder. I spend $63 on 8 items...which is kinda funny, because The Man had asked earlier how much this class cost, and I told him it was only $25, to which he replied "that sounds like a bargain!" Little does he realize that this hobby comes with accessories...lots of accessories!

I also found a little ladybug cake pan and decided that was the cake I was going to make for next week's lesson (we have to come with an unfrosted cake and tubs of icing)...nevermind that the damn thing is totally red and black--the two most difficult icing colors to make. Just the thing for the beginner. Garden Ridge was out of the black gel color, so I figured I would get some from Hobby Lobby in the morning.

I go to Hobby Lobby today, and guess what?! All their Wilton shit is 1/2 price! 1/2 Price, people!! I immediately decide to take the crap I got last night back to GR and repurchase it at HL. And, because it's all half off, I can buy more, right?! right?! And, so I did...$75 worth of accessories. But, I got a buncha stuff this time!! And, I have no clue if I will be any good at this or not. I'm figuring that The Man is going to start demanding a decorated cake on a weekly basis, like he did when we registered for a waffle iron.

His Theory of Waffle Ironage: It will sit in the back of the cabinet and be used exactly twice, so why the hell do we need to register for one, much less get one?

Me: Because I've never had a waffle iron, that's why! My waffle iron-deprived childhood demands that I get a waffle iron!!

The Man: Well, if you get a waffle iron, I want waffles every week, dammit!

Me: Sure...(sucker!)

To be honest, I have made waffles at least twice a year since we've been married (which brings it to a grand total of 10 uses), so I don't know what he could complain about, do you?

And, he'll get to eat my class projects, taking them to work, and being hailed a hero for bringing cake each cake buys you a lot of goodwill in any office. He should be thanking me that I decided to start this and not begrudge me my accessories. Besides, I could be buying shoes.

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Anonymous said...

The Man: The only good waffle iron use was in the Lavern and Shirley episode where Shirley burnt down the apartment using the waffle iron to keep her bed worm.