Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Old!! I am officially old!!!

And, no it's not my birthday. It's the day I have found my first gray hair. It was really was gray, not just overly blonde...I've had this scare before, only to pluck out the offender and have a darker root. Whew, dodged that bullet. Until today. I'm dire need of a slight touch up to the ol' highlights, and I notice it...there, in the darker blonde of my roots shines a shimmering gleam of silver. No, I think to myself, it can't be! What the hell else can happen to me this year!!! Gah!!

I manage to isolate the sucker and yank it out...ow! And, it gleams the silver of a newly minted 50 State Quarter all the way to the blasted root!!

I'm done in now...going to go eat ice cream...all the ice cream.

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