Saturday, November 19, 2005

Catching up...

Been a busy week getting the hell hole that is our house into shape for guests. Had some friends come to visit on Thursday, and we went to the midnight showing of Goblet of Fire, which totally rocked. I did have a feeling that it was a movie aimed at people who had read the book, because there were a few places where it jumped in with both feet and no explanation or backstory. Read the book if you haven't already, because it is a worthy read.

The sad thing about staying up until 3:30 am is the recovery factor. I was a zombie all day on Friday and went to bed by 10 on Friday night...theorizing that if I went to bed early, I might get up early (which sucks on a Saturday that the house is already clean for!! must sleep late!), so I tried to make it until a normal bedtime. I didn't do too badly until 4:00 rolled around. Geez...could my eyelids have weighed any more? I was firmly convinced that 84% of my total body weight was concentrated in my eyelids and I must be burning about a 1000 calories a minute just keeping my eyes open. I must have lost 25 pounds in the hours from 4 to 10 pm.

Alas, the scales, they do not lie...I must have put the weight back on in my sleep.

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