Monday, February 06, 2006

The Bug Man Cometh

As did the Health Department Inspector. Today, we had these two guests show up and talk with us about various health/safety/sanitation issues.

We saw so many pictures of cockroaches that I thought a few people were going to leap up on the tables. And, I learned that if you see a cockroach in the dining room of a restaurant in the daylight that you should just run, because this means they have a major infestation. La cucarachas are night owls and like to remain hidden during the day. The ones that are out in the daylight are either weak or the overcrowding and fight for food is pretty fierce. You learn something new everyday...even if it's things that you thought you were better off not knowing!

The Health Inspector guy was pretty funny, and it ran across my mind that this might be an interesting job. We quizzed him about his background, and he's worked in the industry and has a BS in Biology. Which I don't have, so I probably wouldn't have a shot at it. The reason I thought it would be interesting is that it is ensuring the safety of the food supply, so it is something for the Greater Good and all that other BS. He said that his goal was not to close down restaurants but rather to educate them and make sure they were being safe. Anyway, his job really did intrigue me...or it might have been that he was pretty hilarious with his inspection stories...who knows!

The Pest Control Guy mentioned something I found interesting...he said there are termite-sniffing dogs and roach-sniffing dogs that can be used to locate areas of infestation. Wonder if those worthless poodles could get part-time jobs as mighty bug hunters and contribute to my early retirement? It's about time they started contributing something more than noise and poop, don't you think?

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