Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pork Vindaloo--Pheeeyeeuuw!

Thanks Mark Bittman...I now have a stinky house and a husband who won't eat my lovingly prepared dinner entree. He says it smells so badly that we're going out to eat. What a blow to the ol' cheffing ego. I was attempting to make Pork Vindaloo from Bittman's How to Cook Everything, and it has gone horribly, horribly awry. It sounded pretty good at first--pork stewed in some vaguely Indian spices (cardamom, ginger garlic, cinnamon, cloves), but then he said to add in some rice wine vinegar. Evidently, that was the horribly awry breaking point.

The Man walks in the door, sniffs, and says "Wow! That's an *interesting* smell..."as his voice trails off and he looks around to see if maybe I've embalmed one of the poodles. He's pretty specific in that he doesn't like the smell of dinner and that I should put the pan outside NOW. I snort at him and remind him that it's one of those hideously expensive Le Creuset pans, so not no, but hell no am I not going to put it outside. I will consent to toss it into another container, but I am not putting the pan outside. Some damn squirrel might drag it off or something.

Anyway, we're now waiting for the cake to finish baking so we can cruise off to the Cracked Barrel or something and get The Man some victuals. I'm feeling kind of like I have failed somehow. I know, not everything one cooks is going to be perfect, but damn, I've been on a streak for awhile.

But on a good note, I got grades today. Not as wonderful as I had hoped, but not too bad, either. I got an A in Safety and Sanitation and Bs in Intro to Hospitality and Purchasing. I should have gotten an A in Intro to Hospitality, but I screwed up on my paper. I've written better grocery lists than that damn paper. I was sort of banking on this not being an English class, so it wouldn't really matter if I didn't have a conclusion or not...ha. That was so not a good plan.

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Anonymous said...

The man doesn't like the smell of vinegar. Never did and I guess he never will.